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We are one of the most experienced and trusted furnaces repair service provider in League City, TX area. Our trained technicians provide fast and affordable repair services to our customers. We will give you same day emergency service as long as you are available.

What Is A Furnace ?

A furnace is a heating and air conditioning system used to heat or cool a room in a building. It is a type of heat source used for residential heating and ventilation. A furnace uses the heat produced by burning fuel to create heat.

Furnaces can be controlled manually or automatically. When you are controlling the furnace manually, you have to set the temperature according to the season. For this reason, it is necessary to have a thermometer. You can get one in the store. Or, if you have a thermostat, you can set the temperature accordingly.

When the furnace is set to automatic mode, then it will control the temperature according to the indoor conditions. However, if you want to keep your home warm during the winter months then you should keep the thermostat at minimum. This will keep the room temperature low, which in turn will keep your home warm.

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Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

1. Low Air Quality – There are two types of furnaces: forced-air and heat pump. Heat pump has an ability to cool your home during summer season but in the winter season it keeps your house warm. When you use forced-air furnace, you have an option to cool down your house. But forced-air furnaces are less efficient in terms of air quality and can’t provide enough fresh air inside your home. If you feel that there is some moisture in your home then you might have this type of furnace.

2. Smoke – Smoke is one of the most common issues that we have in our homes. But if you see smoke coming out from your furnace then it is a warning sign that you should call the experts right away. A lack of maintenance can cause this issue. 

3. Leaks – You will never feel like a comfortable home if there is a leak in your furnace. You need to find the leak as soon as possible. Most of the leaks occur in the attic or in the walls of your home. You can easily find the leak when there is a strong smell of water or steam coming out of your home. 

4. Noisy Fan – Noise is one of the common problems that most of us face. A noisy fan is one of the signs that your furnace is not working properly. If you feel that your furnace is running slow then it’s time to call the experts. 

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We are licensed and bonded and provide expert furnace repair services at an affordable price. We specialize in repairing furnaces and boilers as well as installing them. We also install high efficiency furnaces and other heating equipment.

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